Welcome to my WordPress blog.

My life motto is that there is always 2 sides 2 every issue hence the title of the blog.

I work as a management consultant and given my wide client base I prefer to at this stage blog anonymously. I am a fifty-three years old male and happily married with three children.

My interests include politics, technology, genealogy, photography and flight simulation.

I have a Bachelors degrees in Political Science and a Honors and Master Degree (Cum Laude) in Development Studies.


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    • …. and I have a Masters Degree (Cum Laude) and various other post-graduate degrees and qualifications. For me, it’s however not about a person’s qualifications but having a reasoned debate based on different perspectives and understanding. Unfortunately for me personally Eusebius most of the time fails to adhere to these as he would only push one agenda at the expense of striking a balance.

  1. Hi. Great articles on pre 1992 rugby, and reference to it in articles such as this one, https://twosidestoeverything.blog/2018/05/28/the-ashwin-willemse-incident-and-the-critics-of-south-african-rugby-in-the-1980s/. I’ve been trying various sources to find out why Avril Williams was in the Springbok starting side against England in both 1984 tests (with Liaan Kirkham on the bench) but was relegated to the reserves for the tests against the South American Jaguars later that year behind Ray Mordt. Given that Mordt was South African Rugby Player of the Year in 1983 and 1984, perhaps he was injured for the England tests? I’m also interested in when Avril Williams and Wilfred Cupido retired (after 1984 season for Williams?), noting that Cupido played for Western Province against the New Zealand Cavaliers in 1986. Any information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated, including explaining who Errol Tobias, Williams, Cupido and Dolly Ntaka were playing for when they were first picked for the Springboks (Boland for Tobias?, WP for Williams?, Western Province Leagues for Cupido? – why not WP?, and South African Rugby Association for Ntaka? – why not a sub national team?). Thanks, Grant

  2. Sources now exhausted. Any chance that you have now been able to find anything? It’s really the Ray Mordt question I’m most interested in. I’ve found a reference to there being changes from the last test team in 1982 due to injury for the first test of 1984 but no specific reference to Mordt. There is also a reference in a 1985 rugby magazine to a knee injury to Williams, which may explain his potential retirement after the 1984 season.

  3. Had overlooked that I was awaiting a source, which confirms that Ray Mordt was injured for the two 1984 tests against England. Still interested in getting answers to my other questions.

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